About Brigid Bishop

Brigid Bishop is the web’s premiere New Age Author and Life Coach.  She has written and published many self-help articles, poems and the books, “The Dating Game, Insights into Affairs of The Heart“, “Uncloaking the Tarot” and “Uncloaking the Tarot Workbook Companion and Tarot Journal”.

You may be wondering what a “New Age Life Coach” is…well, let me explain.

A Life Coach helps you to work through issues that arise in your life, helps you to “self-actualize“.  The New Age parcel tells you that during our coaching sessions, I may, (or may not), incorporate the New Age Tools of Tarot and Astrology in order to expand our insight and provide you guidance.

This is NOT fortune telling, this is the use of esoteric tools to tap into your psyche, not predict the future.  The bulk of your session with me will be to discuss whatever troubles you and the actions you can take to achieve your goals.

With Tarot, we can gain insight into your psychology, with Astrology we can get a personality profile and look at the timing of events and actions to maximize your success, we can explore your spirituality, and with Life Coaching we can move you toward your goals.

I specialize in helping people overcome codependency and start them off on the path to building HEALTHY relationships, which may, at times, require the letting go of relationships that no longer satisfy.

I have over a decade of experience in working with people to achieve their goals, hopefully you will be one of those!  Book a session with me if you would really like to get on the right path.

Thank You!

Contact Brigid to Schedule a Comprehensive New Age Life Coaching Session at your convenience.

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If the button above is malfunctioning you can either visit www.brigidbishop.com or Dial Direct 1-888-626-7386 and enter Advisor Dial In ID 32345, you will be prompted by the Click4Advisor secure system to enter your information and then they will connect you directly to Brigid Bishop, or place your call in the que for arranged calls until I log back in.

You may also email me at brigidbishop@gmail.com if you would like to schedule a reading with me directly, thank you!


  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog, and I’m fascinated by your career. I’m sure it takes a lot out of you to put so much of yourself into helping others. I sincerely hope you’ll take the time to visit my blog “My Cool Job” at http://jimsmuse.wordpress.com and share with everyone about your profession!

  2. i am in love with an aquarius. i have known him for the past 20 years but we lost contact and just found each other. He was there for me when my husband past away and has called me every day for the past 7 months. i have been to jamaica to see him twice but on both occassion there was an arguement and i disrespect him with what i said. on this last arguement he still treated me nice but since i’ve been back he barely calls and he has travel to another country and blocks his number when he call. we have another female friend in common that he called and said terrible things about me that really hurt. i also know he was very hurt on my last visit about the things i said to him. The things he told her really hurt me he said i was not his type and he like pretty light skin women me being of dark complexion and that he couldnt mess with someone like me knowing he use to speak to Omar. all these things were discuss before i every visit after my husband past. Is he doing this to hurt me back? did he really not care? He spent money on me and treated me real good. he gave her a contact number for him and he knows that she told me he call me the same day that he told her all those things but i was not aware until later that day. Please help i dont want to lose his friendship but she i say forget him.

    • You can contact me at 1-888-626-7386 Ext. 32345 and we can discuss your situation privately.

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