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Brigid Bishop’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide to the Zodiac

Brigid Bishop’s


Holiday Gift Giving Guide to the Zodiac


When we give gifts, we usually try to present the recipient with a present that we, ourselves, would appreciate.  The key to being a great “presenter” is to give a gift that will appeal to the recipients’ personality and psychological expectations and pleasure centers.

When giving a gift to a lover this Valentine’s Day, if you know what sign their Venus resides in, you should try to provide a gift relative to that sign.  If you only know your love’s Sun Sign, then use that for a guide.


New and shiny and sparkly, reflective, items that look new and reflect back to them!  Glass, diamonds, mirrors, shiny ornaments, etc. are materials that appeal to them.  Items that are personalized are very pleasant to them.  Red, black and white are their preferred color schemes.  Metallic wrapping paper is always a good idea.


High quality is more important here than quantity.  Textures are very important, clothing must feel good against their skin, soft and silky, pleasing to touch.  Tickets to a show are not a good idea as Taureans would rather have an item they can hold onto than an experience to remember, but a gourmet meal at the finest restaurant in the city will work wonders.  Flowers make them cry and will be pressed in a special book and saved forever.  Colors are pastels and blue.


Wrapping won’t matter here, it may not even be noticed!  Greens and yellows are there favorite colors and since the entire world around them fascinates them, you can go in just about any gift direction you choose!  A collection of little assorted and varied gifts is always a hit, the grab bag effect extends their pleasure.  Joke gifts are well received by this sign.  Books, books and more books, movies are a popular choice too!  Or, the book AND the movie too!


Sentimentality at its’ most profound here.  Flowery wrapping paper, mushy cards that expound the depths of your feelings for them will be treasured forever.  Soft gifts (to the touch) are very pleasing.  A comfy, cozy blanket or shirt, warm socks or booties, something that says it will take care of them works wonders.  A gift that contains sentimental value to YOU will have them choking up instantaneously, like your favorite childhood stuffed animal.  Cancer colors are earth tones.


Do it big!  Even if a tiny present, put it in a big box with a giant bow!  They love to be the center of attention so send that singing telegram or the room full of balloons to their office.  Make sure it arrives when everyone is around to see how loved they are!  Flaming red, blazing orange and dead black are colors that will appeal to them.


Think practical.  This is what they will appreciate more than anything.  Something that is useful in everyday life will tickle their fancy quite nicely.  Make it natural, all natural fibers in their clothing, hand woven baskets or gifts from the health food store.  Colors are brown, cream, wheat and khaki, humble says it best.


Cards, cards, cards, many of them to tell them how many different ways you love them!  Romance!!!  Flowers and jewelry are their favorites.  Scented candles, poems, romance, romance, romance!  Pastels, pinks, mauves, blues, reds are their colors.


Sexy.  Colors are black and blue.  The negligee’, the male version of said negligee’, a favorite perfume or aftershave will appeal.  Decadent.  Chocolate.  Think sensual.


Anything about horses, the book “How to Live Like a Horse” would be an excellent choice here.  Anything fun!  A fun time, tickets to the circus, lottery tickets, sporting equipment, items to use when traveling, baggy sweaters, take them to a fun party.  Colors are purple, royal blue and white.


No matter what it is, make sure it is the BEST of it’s like.  Books on how to better oneself, how to get ahead, biographies of the ultra-successful, anything that reeks of success will appeal to them.  Green, black and silver are their colors.  Items that they can use at work are always popular with them, anything to help them stay organized will be appreciated.


Any Aquarian you know will have some type of current passion, find out what it is, and gift accordingly.  Since these passions may change hourly, make sure you wait until right before the holiday to shop for it.  Electronic gadgets, puzzles, brain teasers, unusual and hard to find objects, either ultra modern or ancient in nature will all have appeal.  Velcro and zippers turn them on.  Colors are white, electric blue, yellow and green, and oh, they LOVE stripes!


Appeal to their imaginations, put a little magic into their gift.  Velvety soft clothing, velvety soft foods, velvety soft wrapping paper and cards will do well.  Poetry, mystical books, a psychic reading, an astrology chart will also make them happy.  The colors on a peacock feather on the colors for Pisces, and purple.  They also tend to like coconuts for some odd reason. 


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